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EnjoyAbility Recruitment works with many UK recruitment agencies in sectors such as finance, healthcare, marketing, temps, IT and HR to ensure they find candidates for ALL vacancies that come their way (even to recruit their own Consultants rec to rec!).  We don't provide fee on placement services and so NEVER compete with you.


Our white label, outsourced recruitment processing service is enjoyed for a low fixed fee/flat rate, allowing Recruitment Consultants like you to spend time selling, interviewing and placing candidates to hit targets, earn commission and keep clients happy.


Many recruitment agencies are specialists in their chosen field and therefore have little need for regular job advertising on premium generalist job boards, this can make placing adverts expensive, time consuming and confusing as there are so many premium jobsites and job boards to choose from. What often happens is they choose whichever has the best deal at the time, (or the best advertising salesperson) and this can be a waste of valuable profit, especially if you’re not even paid until you place!


You provide the job description/specification and we write and place your advert on the best premium and free job boards (around 400 chosen from thousands local, national, specialist, free job boards available to us). You receive ALL CVs directly to your inbox and can do with them as you please with no additional fees... OR, try our easy to use online applicant tracking system. Offering you the tools that we use, for free to our recruitment friends. You'll love it!


Our fixed fee recruitment advertising charges are up front so you can understand your margins from the start. We work closely with you to ensure you get the right volume and calibre of candidates to meet the expectations of your clients. To get started, please contact us and we will be glad to start a relationship and work out how we can save you time and money to achieve optimum results.